Detonating Arrow Aimed Shot + Suckerpunch Arrow

The two nodes don’t appear to play together, if you use a charged (actually channelled, but never mind) Detonating Arrow then immediately fire an additional arrow into the same target the initial arrow does not gain the benefits of Suckerpunch (+100% explosion damage & area), but the second arrow doesn’t appear to do anything.

Black Arrows are also consumed when you press the button to start “charging” Detonating Arrow so that won’t work with Aimed Shot either.

It would also be super-awesome if Aimed Shot didn’t always fire the arrow in the direction that you initially “used” the skill in.

Another nice thing would be if there were an icon above the character’s head that increased whenever you passed the 0.5s penetration threasholds. That way you’d have an idea whether you might want to release “now” and move out of the way of something bad or carry on charging and get more penetration (& damage from the Pinpoint node) and possibly get hit.

Also not sure whether you can charge for 1s or 2…

Jade Arrows are also consumed at the start and end. Seems that Aimed Shot is bugged and counting as multiple attacks, rather than one charged attack. This also causes the Coated Blades/Infused Discharge mana consumption issue, and the black arrow issue, and I’m assuming the Velocity on Shift next attack doesn’t work either.

Side note: is the skill counted as a channeled skill at the moment? Should it be?

Yes, any effect that is consumed or advanced will be when you press the button to start “charging” and then again when you release the button to fire the arrow (or when the arrow fires). This includes jade/black/elemental arrows, lethal cadence, mana (and flow if that doesn’t require a melee attack, not at my pc).

Aimed Shot adds the channelled tag, despite it not saying so in the tooltip.

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