Destructibles Leave Behind Blocking Objects (2 Things)

1.) In several places, but especially the Maj’Elkan Catacombs, destructibles leave behind their data so that you cannot walk through the area where the destructible was. For example, in the screenshots attached, there is a chest behind destructible coffins. After destroying the coffins you cannot easily path to the chest though you should.

2.) Also due to this left behind data you can get “stuck” against these destroyed objects if you use Fury Leap (though its uncommon in the latest patches it seems)

Pre-Destroy Objects with chest behind
Post Destroy Objects with Chest blocked

This is an issue we’re tracking internally but good to know it seems to be in more places than previously thought. Thanks for the report.

Just happened to me in the Maj’elkan Catacombs in a different spot. My character is stuck currently and I’ve uploaded an image of the corner in which it has occured. (1.5 MB)