Destructable content and Loot


Finally gotten to the ‘End of Time’

Quick question;

Will the final version of the game have random drops from all the destructible content?

I don’t expect to get a zillion Gold and Uniques flowing from every crate and jar but was a little disappointed to get where I am and never once get anything from a crate or jar.

Had a blast getting this far and apart from some buggy pathing now and then had a pretty error free run, looking forward to more Content and the Final release.


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Congrats on clearing act 1!
I’m not sure how randomized the environment’s loot table is, but I have noticed at least a few special areas of interest. Mostly in the transition path to the next area right after a big/named mobs. For example, there is a little area that opens up after you fight the first Act I two-part “boss” within the cave system, after crossing the bridge, the barrels and crates on the other side of the path have dropped disproportionately very good loot like greens/shards/gold, etc - more akin to the loot from a golden chest than a handful of barrels.
Either the loot table is skewed here for some reason in these areas or these are nice little easter-egg-reward zones for getting past boss/mini boss areas.

barrels and chests = loot
crates, barrels and vases = on hit and on kill effect pinatas.

To clarify, the objects that can move don’t drop loot to avoid situations where loot ends up being inaccessible. Objects that don’t move can give loot.

That sound hilarious though

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