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Despecialize causes to lose points

Had 3 points in to a skill, used despecialize and instead of recieving 3 unspent points I recieved 1.

We’ve made some fixes to the skill experience system for Beta. Let us know if you run into problems after it launches!

Just to clarify - this is currently working as intended.

I understand it is working as intended and that beta is bringing some changes.

However, despecializing, while it should remove all points on a skill, to be replaced for a new one, slotting a skill that was despecialized previously should perhaps bring back with it the same number of points it had in the past.

If this is not feasible, we need a trainer that can remove the points for re-application like the existing Chronomancer but one for Skill Specialization as we may want to change skills without penalty or with a price. Moving skills-points around is important, especially if a mistake is made while applying the points.

We don’t want to do this, as it would just cause people to specialize some skills for boss fights, others for most other combat, and switch between them on the fly.


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