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Designing a God: Concept Art for Rahyeh

Earlier this week we revealed concept art for Heorot. Today we’ll do the same for Rahyeh - while taking a look at the role served by concept art in the design process. Most of Last Epoch’s concept art has been created by Sergey from our art team.

Initially, Kyle our Narrative Director will write a description of the creature. The first batch of concept art will focus on realizing the fantasy of the creature in as many ways as possible.

The team will then select one or two designs for further iteration. Considerations can include the lore, aesthetic preferences, and the practicality of implementing each particular design.

As we near the end of the design process the artist may get requests for particular changes. In this case, the team wanted to see what Rahyeh would look like with double wings.

Finally, a larger and more detailed version is created;


Wow that design is crazy awesome. I hope it translates well to an in game model.

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B4, D2, and G would be my top 3!

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Seriously, I can’t even choose, they all look so Awesome!


I like D2 and F. Especially i like black/white/grey the stile all of it. By the way i want to advice to all of thou guys to look on and maybe to play in Discipless 2 for a lot of inspiration. Thou are shall not be regret about it, guarantee.

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Love it!!

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I like B4 and E.
It is looks cool !!

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They all look fantastic! But B4 and E especially.

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I like E, but that silhouette and posture makes the wings appear indistinguishable to arms and it kind of makes me think of a jacked-up Scyther from Pokemon :smile:

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