Desert Treasure quest not completable

Quest: Desert Treasure
Quest point: Search for the contract hidden within the Maj’erka Slums

After killing the mini boss inside the cave hideout in Maj’erka Slums I see the glowing scroll laying nearby which I suppose is the needed contract. When I click it, the glowing disappears but nothing happens. I tried to click it more, still nothing happens. I tried relogging and killing the mini boss again, didn’t help. As a result the quest is stuck.

Player.log (143.0 KB)

Same problem here.

just find right cellar. (middle one) ther is an NPC …

There´s an NPC called Scalebane Fence in the cave. He offers you to pay 5k gold for the information. Pay it and the quest is done. Also the quest does not reward players with a skill point like it shows up in the questlog. So even if you would not complete the quest, you would just miss some exp.

I found the NPC to complete the Quest in this cave:


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