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Desecrated Flesh + Tornado = Death

I was fighting three Desecrated Flesh in an echo. I swept up two of them in a Tornado. The third was at the very top edge of the screen. The two I had in a Tornado were not performing attack animations, and I was out of the range of their normal attack radius anyways. However, I died suddenly, and the death notification said I died from a Desecrated Flesh. But this could not have been, as they were more than a third of a screen away, being carried by my Tornado, and not in attack animation. I’m thinking that the game did not register the change in position by the tornado nor that they were no longer able to attack.

You wouldn’t have a video of this occurring would you? From your description it is difficult to determine the problem. It would be good to have a video or at least a screenshot of your on death screen if this happens again so we can look at it.