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Depravity & black mirror bug

seems like the depravity and black mirror node doesnt work at all. The damage numbers in the skill tree description goes up with every point but on the dummy or enemies there is 0 difference in damage. Tryd it with 4 points in scarlet rain as well, no difference

It’d help if you gave the skill they belong to.

Welcome to the forum.

Firstly, DPS figures in the tooltips are way out of whack for a lot of skills so its important not to rely on them right now. The devs have confirmed and are aware of the issue and fixing tooltips across all skills is on their to-do-list. Unfortunately Multiplayer has moved everything they were working on to the backburner for now.

Secondly. I am not sure how those specific nodes on the Transplant skill would increase damage specifically on a per dummy/enemy level. They provide additional bodies to explode at departure or arrival, but they dont specifically change the damage of each detonation. Obviously there should be more damage due to more detonations but I am not sure how these numbers would be displayed in the current game. This may need careful testing to be sure of what is happening and because of the different damage ticks, DPS numbers shown in game can be a little tricky to differentiate.

As for Scarlet Rain, it may be a bug worth double checking, but this area increase can be a common issue for confusion on many skills - increasing the area by a % is actually pretty small and a lot of people confuse this mathematically (radius vs area).

So this may be a bug but it may just been a question of tooltip dps being wrong (known issue) and how the game is displaying damage numbers.

ps. The devs do see all these posts so will add this to their buglist if they feel it may not be working.


i checked it on “real” enemies as well. Still the same damage. I cant figure out another reason to skill this node other than increasing damage. i mean Reign of Blood is workin and does damage.