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Demo Feedback

Played through the demo fully as a Void Knight (dabbling in some Druid and Sorcerer) and it was a great ARPG experience. Fun skills, smooth animation, cool enemy design, etc.

Some questions/feedback:

  • Will there be level requirements for items?

  • Will we be able to stack shattering stones?

  • Will we be able to stack shards?

  • Will we be able to “slam” an unwanted prefix/suffix off an item (maybe by using more of the shards/gold)?

  • Will there be mana potions? If so, similar system to how health potions work? The mana regen rate is insane, but when you’re activating skills left and right and get deep into the negative it breaks combat flow to run around for a bit waiting for the bar to recharge.

  • Will there be an attack-move option instead of having both separate? Seems like a waste of a skill slot to have one dedicated to movement and one to attacking (especially for melee).

  • How large will our inventory end up being? Will it expand via quests (ala adding more tabs)? Seems like it only took a dozen or so items before the inventory was full

  • Are we going to be able to port back to our intial TP spot? Either static portal in town or accessible via the waypoint map? Seems like extra work to port from a spot, sell/buy/stash stuff, then have to go to the waypoint and run all the way back to the point you ported from

  • Can we have highlighting on barrels/chests? Tough to know what is lootable/breakable

  • Is there going to be an indicator that you need to talk to someone for a quest/item (like the npc coming towards you or the exclamation point hovering above their head)?

  • Areas are gorgeous, but seem extremely linear/tunnel-like. I assume this is due to the demo? One of the my favorite features of ARPGs is having a huge area to roam and finding hidden loot (chests/marked rocks or stumps/corpses).


Assuming you get the funding needed via Kickstarter (contributed and crossing my fingers), will you make a launcher? As part of that, will you have a self-reporting crash feature (have to force-quit, send a dump of logs to devs)?


Best of luck to you all and thanks for the amazing demo!



Love the demo and skills however I did feel the game was WAY too easy and predictable. I never feared for my life and was able to use a single skill on all classes to go through the entire demo without feeling the need to utilize anything else. It’s too easy to get uber powerful to the point you don’t have to worry about dying (particularly with the Beastmaster who was my favorite class).

I’ll have to do more testing of the demo on some of the other skills I never bothered to pick up, but right now, even hardcore mode feels too easy.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend switching off of normal difficulty for more challenge. The demo is primarily a way to show off our systems, rather than be a balanced and complete experience. We’ll be putting more time into this later in development.

Thanks for checking it out!

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. You can as of demo shards are stored in the crafting window
  4. That's an option being looked at-- there will be more crafting items in the future
  5. No, we've expressly decided that we do not want to have mana potions because they are very powerful for little investment. We will do our best to make combat feel good without them, of course.
  6. Potentially. You are able to change right click to another skill, however.
  7. Not finalized. Crafting materials having there own inventory already helps.
  8. Yes, it's just not possible with how the game is setup at the moment, levels unload as soon as you leave them.
  9. Good idea-- don't know when that will be added.
  10. I'm sure there will be-- NPCs are very barebones at the moment.
  11. Yes, levels in the final game will be less linear.
  12. A launcher is being worked on, a better bug/crash report system will likely be made in the future.
Sorry for the late reply. Thanks!


Hackaloken - No worries on the late reply, know you guys have been crazy busy with putting out new pre-alpha builds and promoting the kickstarter/running discord.


Thanks for answering all the questions, really appreciate you taking the time to look at it. Now to check out the new demo and see how this amazing game is evolving! Good luck and i’m really pulling for the Kickstarter to get fully backed.


Played the demo and really liked it. Waiting for alpha :slight_smile:

Right now LastEpoch is one of a very limited few games I do have hope it can become something really good in the ARPG genre.

My 2 cents: keep it simple to play and hard to master. Focus on story and atmosphere. Keep it an ARPG.



That’s the plan! Thanks.

You should re-create the launcher for windows or you need a better server. I can normally download with 30 Mb/s and with that launcher are there only 500 kb/s