Deleting Empty Stash Category deleted unexpected Filled Category with no refunds

I am playing on a Windows 10 machine through Steam.

I had four categories in my Stash: General, Idol, Junk, and Category 4

I wanted to delete Category 4 (which had 0 Tabs in it), so I right-clicked on it and clicked ‘DELETE’

After confirming this, it deleted my filled Junk category, and everything within it. Even worse, the price of my Stash tabs have not gone down, even though I am now missing 3 tabs.

Finally, I can no longer Right-Click “Category 4” to delete it, or even to change its color or name. I now have a permanent, empty category that I cannot get rid of. I also tried clicking “Configure Tab” at the bottom for Category 4, which also does nothing.

I had been throwing a lot of items in the category that was unexpectedly deleted, and if this hit my other General category that had 80% of my stored items in it, this would be disastrous.

I have closed the game and re-launched it, and the problem still persists. I’m attaching my Player Log to this as well. Thank you!

Screenshot of Stash Category , note that this can no longer be Right-Clicked. (895.6 KB)

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Hey. This sucks.

Apparently, some people have found that creating more categories and tabs will bring it back.

Yeah, im having the same issue. I’ve tried creating more categories, tabs, reloading the game, still have the same issue.

Ive tried the “create more” fix but if you re-arrange the tabs you will end up with strange results when trying to delete any category.

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