Deleting Empty Inventory Categories is Instead Deleting Non-Empty Categories

I was finding that I had to scroll to see all my inventory categories (I think these could be paired down in size some, or be dynamically sized based on name), so I thought I would see if it was any better in a single category.

I was able to move some of the stash tabs to a single category, and then went to delete Empty Categories, but instead Categories that still had items in them were deleted.

In this case, I had 3 or 4 tabs with Exalted Items in them that were seemingly orphaned when the Exalted Category was deleted, and a single Legend tab that was deleted when that category was also deleted.

The Legend tab isn’t a big deal, it had one 2-LP Legendary that snagged the lesser of two affixes; I’m not going to miss it. The three exalted tabs hurts though.

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Logged into one character today, same inventory issue.

Logged into a second character, and now it seems like it might be semi-resolved?

The Tabs are there, but they don’t show up in the Quick View section.

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