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Deleted by post author

deleted by post author

I’ve never had any problems with the telegraphs for Lagon’s most dangerous abilities. You should consider making a video that demonstrates what you mean, and also be open to the idea that it could just as easily be a skill issue as it could be a design issue.

The targeting issues, on the other hand, are known and have been acknowledged. But a hyperbolic ultimatum isn’t going to get them addressed any faster.

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I agree that Lagon still has some issues, but “Duration of the tell before one shots proc is inconsistent” was never one of them.

What ability are you specifically refering to?

What might make it feel inconsitent are soft and hard cc’s you are applying to the boss and thus making it very different from time to time.

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I will try to record. Maybe it is a visual issue but the inconsistency I’m referring to is when his circle blast is partially over his area it seems a longer tell than when it is 100% on the platform which appears to be shorter.