Delete LP system

LP system should be delete

Farming for a specific Unique is very difficult
20% chance to get LP1
25% chance to synthesize the Affix you want
This is the worst RNG

And they say it’s untradeable even with the upcoming trade system they’re adding.

I know some of you reading this think that Legendary is just an option to increase DPS a little bit.

Take Lightning Blast Runemaster for example
Mage scales defense and attack with Int, so
If you equip a Legendary with T7 Int in all slots except weapon
Compared to the case where all slots are equipped with Unique
2x DPS, 2x EHP
Equipment other than T7 Int Legendary is too worthless
Itemization is dead

If the LP system is deleted, Unique and Non-Unique items will have the same strength,
Unique items that match the build and other slots for rare items using Glyph of Despair, etc. would be the final form of equipment
Treasure hunting will be more fun

Thanks for the feedback.

I just wanted to chime in to clear up some misconceptions before a debate gets going on it.

As it states in the item factions devblog, all equipable item types will be tradable at the bazaar, including unique and legendary items.

Also, the chance to get LP on an item is not just one number like that, it depends on:

  • The area level you are in
  • The legendary potential level of that specific item
  • and at 1.0, corruption will start to slightly affect the chance too.

One of the primary functions of the legendary system is to give low power unique items a way to find new power in the end game so their unique functionality doesn’t always just flounder as a leveling item only.

We have no intention of removing the legendary system. We are very pleased with how it works in game.


Thanks for letting me know.

Rank 4: You may trade Unique Items with
no Legendary Potential and Set Items cost
20% less favour to buy or sell

I thought that Unique items with LP and Legendary items are not tradable.

If you read the whole graphic and the accompanying text, it is clear that these are examples of the sort of bonuses that will be available. They are not specific details on exactly what will be there.

In the FAQ at the bottom of that post, you’ll find all the trade info that I have included in my first reply and much, much more.


I suspect you have considered the option that the affix will be transferred not from the exalted item to the unique, but from the unique to the exalted item.

What do you say about this?

Yes, we considered that. It would require us to completely change how all items are functionally structured. It’s a non-starter.


I’m definitely not a fan of BiS gear being almost impossible to acquire, even for the most dedicated. Especially in a seasonal game. At that point it might as well not exist at all.

In the end it will be a matter of how much power is gained by those extra LPs. And if someone having them gets a massive advantage in any leaderboards or progression.

A lot will depend on how many people are playing in the trade faction as well.


Is a low rolled version of BiS gear still considered BiS gear?

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So I was thinking about it and adding an LP is like adding an affix rather than getting a godly roll on an item in Diablo 2. There are comparisons between the two but an Enigma or HOTD is all have the same affixes just with different rolls. And the rich can still acquire the godly rolled items they want in D2 based on population and curated drop rates.

I’m not sure if that will be the case with 4LP items to complete a build in LE cycles. I guess 3LP+ items might be more on par with godly crafted rares in D2?

I don’t have strong opinions on it yet, but on paper it worries me is all. As we won’t know the true impact until the first cycle.

EDIT: I would say the LP system is more comparable to the number of links in POE. Would restricting 6 links to the very lucky be an improvement on POEs existing system?

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Why should the absolute best possible items should be acquirable in a very short time period (ie, a single season, every season)? What is wrong with the absolute best possible items being more aspirational items for Standard characters/players that may take a very long time to acquire?

I have yet to see a reason for this that doesn’t boil down to “Because then I won’t get them!”

That’s a completely invalid comparison. Many “BiS” items have 6 links as one of their many valuable properties and would not be “BiS” without it, but a 6 link alone absolutely does not make an item “BiS”.

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My reason has always been that I won’t get it myself, but I feel that if someone puts in the work they should get it.
Your reason seems more like “I’m going to get it eventually in legacy, so why should someone be able to get it in cycles?”. I’m not saying that’s what you mean, or that you will play legacy, but that point could also be made.

Also, keep in mind that cycle players are the ones that keep the game improving. If no one plays cycles because they can’t get ever possibly get the best items, then there’s no reason to keep making cycles and you end up with a more stagnant update cycle.

Yes, but comparing to double corrupts is a completely valid comparison and you see BiS double corrupt uniques each league by the dozens. They’re all expensive and only affordable to the top players, but they do drop.

It adds an additional support(POE) or an additional affix (LE). So I’d say it’s a far more apt comparison than a low rolled BiS item to a godly rolled one. The low rolled one has everything on it in terms of affixes. When you’re missing LP or a sixth link you are missing a key element.

I just think it’s a mistake to make BiS gear be so very rare and almost completely untargetable.

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Because they go away in Seasonal play. Why not make Regular and Empowered echos take 100x as long to navigate? So it would be almost impossible to complete them in a single Season? It’s asinine that certain tiers of items are realistically impossible to obtain in even 5 Seasons of play, much less a single Season. If they are too powerful, that they would tip the balance of play to absurdity, then just remove them from the game, altogether. Otherwise, give people a reasonable chance of obtaining them.

And a poorly rolled, 4LP Legendary, with shitty Exalted stats isn’t BiS either. Apples to apples, man.

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I’m not that enthused about the legendary system either. I very much doubt EHG would consider a change as dramatic as deleting LP. But I do want to see more exploration of the space outside it, ie. more & stronger set items, more LP-less uniques, mechanics for strong exalts/rares that are excluded from the legendary system or even from crafting completely, etc.

LE’s items were okay but not great before LP was introduced. The rares were fairly boring and the uniques were mostly underpowered. LP resolves this issue by letting us create legendaries that are both strong and interesting. But it neatly dodges working on the characteristics of the items we are starting with, and creates some issues as a result. Experiences like discovering a new unique for the very first time are undermined by the fact that very few uniques are useful items without LP. Imo the overall fundamentals of itemisation would be far stronger if rares could be interesting and uniques could be useful, in their own right.

I hope over time we will see a steady increase to the (currently tiny) roster of items that are actually just good or potential upgrades from the moment you pick them up, to cut through the layers and layers of crafting and bring back the focus on excitement at the actual moment of finding an item.

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