Deflect and Weave's 5 Point Bonus does not work

As the title mentions, my Falconer has currently got 5 Points in Deflect and Weave as well as 5 Points in Dodge and Parry:
Without a shield equipped, the character has a 20% Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow and a 5% Block Chance. With one equipped I similarly see increases to my Block Chance and none to my Chance to Receive a Glancing Blow.


The same happens to me

Yeah, been having the same problem myself.

With 92% glancing blow chance after Dodge and Parry’s 2x modifier, I don’t see a change when I have a shield that should put it above 120%.

Using Last Epoch Build Planner to test with identical equipment, however, the online tool does reflect the change, so I don’t know if this is simply an error of the tool or if the functionality of Deflect and Weave is broken.

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