Defensive Stat Priorities for High Level (300+) Arena Runs

Hello all,

Just looking for some general advice on Defensive Stat priorities from players who have experience pushing high level arenas. Currently working on a sentinel build to push high level arenas. Would someone be able to rank the following stats in order of importance for High Level Arena runs:

  • Dodge
  • Armor
  • Resistances
  • Block (chance & effectiveness)
  • Endurance (% & threshold)
  • Glancing Blow

Relevant advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Very personal opinion…

  • Resistances
  • Armor
  • Endurance
  • Block
  • Glancing Blow
  • Dodge

I put as a priority all that is guaranteed. That’s why I put Dodge last, because it’s pure RNG. Glancing Blow is a bit higher because it can be at 100%, but it’s a rather small damage reduction.
Between Endurance and Armor, I’m not sure.

Overall, this will depend upon your class and probably also your build. You will not protect a Marksman the same way you protect a Forge Guard.

Armor is meh unless your class gets it naturally. I go with endurance + threshold over armor. Otherwise, I agree with @Shtrak

Sentinel class has pretty easy access to armor (strength attribute), block synergies, resists aren’t much of an issue - especially paladin - question with resists however : what percent should you aim for for high arenas? Obviously 75% is the damage cap but you could factor in ailments or other effects that enemies could have that would reduce your resists. Anyone out there had good results from running resists higher than 75%, and if so, at what?

Also Paladin has some glancing blow via passive points but otherwise this stat seems pretty non-existent as far as defensive options goes. Then there’s dodge - other than belt potion prefix, any other sources worth mentioning/running on a Sentinel/Paladin?

I’m not an arena player, but I wonder if anyone has tried pushing with: high dodge, high health, and leech. i.e. take fewer hits, and leech it back before you’re hit again ?

I did not write it because the OP did not mention it, but you’re perfectly right: the first (and best?) defense layer is a huge HP pool. The more HP you have, the more damage you can absorb. And of course, the more leech you have, the sooner your HP replenishes.

Personally I like to use Tunks EHP calc (and some of his others when theorycrafting build decisions). I have found that it helps figure out where I need to focus a particular builds defences.

i.e. I create a character and I might get to a point in something like Arena/MoF where I am getting close to being one-shot too often or the leech isnt fast enough etc. or I need to decide on if I should add extra armour or endurance or regen etc…

Its not perfect but it does help especially when you have something you like playing and want to tweak it to be better…

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I use the EHP calculator as well. Good suggestion. I guess I was just looking to see if anyone out there has any specifics stat thresholds (SPECS) for the different defensive stats. Obviously more HP is always better, however it means nothing if you don’t have resists/other mitigating stats behind it which is why I didn’t include HP as a stat - I trust everyone tries to get as much as possible. I’d be curious to hear more feedback on more optional stats like block/dodge/glancing blow and how mandatory they may or may not be in high level arenas.

Not an arena player here, but plenty of high corruption MoF experience.

IMO two hit based defense (armour, block, dodge, glancing blow) should be the maximum that should be prioritized.

Especially Armour and Dodge to compete very heavily, because they have very limited and similar slots. Combining those is not very good.

Glancing Blow is only for rogue anyway and getting those 31% GB from Rogue and BD Passive Tree is very worth it for those few passive points on any build.

Other than that i would defintiely try to at least get 60-70% resistances (capping is really not necessary, if you could get another defensive stat instead)

Depending on how many of those other stats you have you should definitely get as much hp as possible, at least on the slots that have either Hybrid Health (Gloves, Boots, Belt) or % Health (Helmet, Belt, Body Armour)

Endurance is one of those stats that has a pretty high investment requirement, because it consists of 2 stats, but it’s incredibly strong.

Creating a general priority list does not make much sense, since that heavily depends on the build and class.
Dodge is in a bad spot atm IMO.
But Health and getting close to 60-70% resistance is probably Priority No. 1 on most builds.

So without getting specific i would say:

  1. Health
  2. Resistance (60-70%)
  3. Endurance (always try getting 60% and then balance Endurance Threshold and Max Health Affixes)
  4. Block (if you play with a Shield)
  5. Armour or Dodge
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interesting insight. Thank you


resistance > dodge > block > armor > endurance

didn’t include glancing blow since most characters can’t get it properly in a build?

Armor is so lowly placed because it takes a lot of investment for relatively little reward. Armor has reduced effectiveness against non-physical attacks making it even worse.

Dodge is right up there because while it is chance based, it negates 100% of the incoming hit damage that is dodged, what other stat can do that!?

Block next because a good shield and some stats on rings means the remaining hits that aren’t dodged have a very good chance to be reduced significantly.

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If you ask me, best defensive stats are mechanical skill, experience and game knowledge. You can run around with a 100health, 0% dodge marksman and beat wave 200 if you know what you do. You either get one shotted or not. That is not for any class of course but there is a reason why guys like foe, tunk and lizard are top arena players. They know what to do and how to play. Not every player will reach 300+ with a perfect geared build. Thats the beauty about arena how different you have to play compared to other game elements like mono or story mode. Not a direct help to your question about stats of course, but i think its important to tell how different the game mode is.


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