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Defense tipes?

does stack health + resistence
or dodge + resisten since the game changes?

block doesnt work anymore
so what whe do now?

To maximise your defense you should not just focus on a single pair of layers like resistance & hp.

Resistances you should always stack, it is the most straight forward mechanic in the game. Every single resistances affix improves your character.

It’s never bad to have 1k hp at a certain point. So if you find something with vitality/health on gear it’s never a “bad” stat as it always improves survivability.

Secondary defenses like armour and dodge should also be utilised, depending on your class. As a Rogue you will make the most out of dodge, as a Sentinel it is Armour. You can get around 20% - 30% mitigation from armor easily without a huge investment. And it is multiplicative with your resistance %. So that mitigation is on top.

So take those base % with you, if you can. 10% dodge doesn’t look like much but it means statistically you take 10% less damage.

Note that armor and dodge values have diminishing returns. The higher your value the less the benefit of an additional amount.

Not accurate, just an example: At some point a single armour affix will increase mitigation just by 1%. Whereas when you have a low dodge rating you may get 5% dodge if you take dodge rating instead.

Later in the game critical strike avoidance is mandatory to be maxed. zwith a 2h weapon you could instead go for “less damage from critical strikes” (which is more reliable than CA in preventing accidental oneshots).

Woot? What game are you talking about?? Can’t be LE! :wink:

Jokes aside… What makes you think block doesn’t work? It’s a great defensive layer. On a Sentinel you can max out its potential, but also on other characters it’s just great. Without passive support you can have 30+% block chance on a shield alone (depending on type and with chance to block affix). Theres block chance on rings to boost it even further. Block effectiveness has it’s own layer independent from armour so you get around 30-40% mitigation easily.

Shields offer a great utility since the last update and are in a great spot.

If you have questions regarding defenses of a particular build/class you need to provide more information. Everything I wrote is just a basic overview. You need to adapt your defense depending on your particular build/playstyle.

Cheers! :rainbow: