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Decoy sonic wave fails with Kelthan blasting agent: Bug or intended?

The wave doesn’t even proc with this unique, probably due to the decreased decoy duration. I tested on dummy and without this unique equipped the effects of the wave clearly apply (like shred, frailty) but nothing with it equipped.

I hope it’s an unintended effect because otherwise my ignite rogue dps will be way lower than I expected. Thanks for looking into this issue!

No, there’s nothing on the unique that should prevent the sonic wave. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would disable it but could you upload your character to the build planner and link it just in case?

There’s a button on the top left of the planner to upload so you don’t have to manually enter everything. You will have to unhide windows hidden/system files though.

I think it’s because I have 3 points in the short fuse node causing the decoy to have 0 duration.

I can confirm the bug. Was about to post it myself.

It occurs when you reduce the duration to 0 - by taking the Blasting Agent together with Short Fuse. The decoys explode immediately and no Sonic Wave triggers.