Decoy bomber Cinder strike Marksman || LAST EPOCH 0.8.4 Build Guide

A bag of tricks marksman with a tactical nuke decoy!
Build planner:

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Great build you put together here! Respeced my unused level 70 marksman to it and started progressing with subpar gear towards empowered monoliths. At level 73 right now and doing close to reaching the level 90 monoliths. Works great so far. Will give some more feedback later on :slight_smile:

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Question about Shift: At the bottom right end node, you use Dancing Shadows which from what it says only activates if you are using a melee weapon… does it still activate even though we are really using a bow because cinder is both a melee and a bow attack?

It is definitely used at the end of shift. Probably because of the proccing shurrikens or some other proc which requires a dagger, i.e., a melee weapon when used directly?

Just a minor update for this one but drop the point out of Lethal Darkness as you don’t have a dagger equipped.


I had a Decoy Bomber build, but its on hold until these two bugs get fixed:

Sweet, think i’ll use this to lvl my next MM.

Loving this build, leveling it atm, almost 70, got lucky and fond a 1 LP Hell Reach and 1 LP Arrowguard and 1 LP Blasting Agent so far

It’s definitely awesome to level with as hell reach, arrowguard and blasting agent have some of the lowest LPL meaning you are most likely to get some LP on them even while levelling!

Do you have a good alternative? I put another point in Cut And Leave for now.

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