Decisions on what to puch to high corruption aka 800 or more

Hi ya all, and i thank you for taking the time to read my post.

As im as new as it gets to LE im looking for advice from more experienced people who have walked the path as im going to take now.

I love the skill warpath, there might be more other classes and masteries that are better and i dont mind.

But currently as warpath is there is an option of playing bleed/voidknight/ignite warpath versions.

What i have gathered so far, that the ignite warpath with eye of reen and wings of argentus comes out to be the tankiest i think atleast. Ive watched some guides and such. But still not enough to make a decision.

Yes i could play both, but i work 40h a week and have little time to play so i would like to focus my effort into one character.

As i have leveled both vk and ignite to lvl 60 they feel same to me, i originally built vk echo warpath with smite proc aswell, but figured that doesnt do much and takes bit too much points away that i need. So i decided to proc into warslash cause echos do that aswell, and adds extra oomf to the build.

With ignite version ive had way easier to get it online or atleast comfortably farming low level echo-es both althought killed abomination the first big boss, with ease.

Could someone point me in the right direction that would be to take to the end game.

Cause i dont see that echo warpath could have BiS wings of argentus when it only gives damage reduc and some speed, that could easily be with some rare with 4+ on warpath.

On ignite that is definetly BiS item with 4+ LP on it.

All in all my question is what would be easier for me to progress through and to take to end corruption

Thank you for your anwser!

There’s no limit to corruption, the system start to make mechanics meaningless pass 400-500 corruption.

In 800 corruption you could get mods like 750% increased damage from void enemies, or things like that.

Possibly the most tanky thing you can get would be a bladedancer with bastion. But you better stay really close to enemies with the new version.

Thank you for your anwser,

I already have a blade dancer doing that.

Im looking for advice regarding warpath. Which would be easier to gear and yeald more result out of it.

Probably you know this, but Wings of Argentus was murdered, the DR went down from 40% to 20%.

You need a 1LP one and slap a good Vit / Inc Health affix to start considering using it.

Anyways good luck with your corruption pushing… Not an expert in warpath, sure someone else can give you more info.

Even for ignite warpath? the wings, i actually did not know that.

Sorry to deliver the bad news.

Yeah, 1LP in wings with 115 effective level for legendary potential… Maybe is 1% chance to drop with that LP.

20% is still quite strong, but a yellow chest could give you up to 18% increased health, 12 vit and 112 flat health, so…

Also bastion went from 6 meters, to 4 meters radius coverage for 100% block. Out of the possible ways to nerf the item could be the hardest, hitting the item at the core: a fairly reliable form of DR for hits. This seems not much, but is quite noticeable in practice.

Both were outliers regarding defensive value, but the devs went really hard with the nerfs.

Well now that sucks, only thing currently i had going for ignite warpath was that wings of argentus for dmg, oeh no clue what to do now.