Death Seal / Node LEPER'S SKIN

After multiple test i figure out that LEPER’S SKIN node of Death Seal don’t do anything.
If i activate death seal with LEPERS’S SKIN node my armour is the same with 2 000 wards or 0 wards.
As you can see my armor is the same in both case. I only have the bonus of Desperate Shroud.

Let me know your advice

I hope you can Fix it.

Desperate Shroud says it gives armour per missing hp when you activate Death Seal but your hp was full when you activated the skill. Do you get a different armour figure if you activate the skill with less than full hp (can be easily checked by spamming Marrow Shards before using Death Seal if you don’t have something like Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living)?

there is no problem with desperate shroud…
and Desperate shroud synergize with deadlock node very well… it’s not really the point

I’ll have to check when I get home, I was just saying that my first thought was that what you think is Desperate Shroud giving you armour may actually be Leper’s Skin but I could see if the necrotic resist changed (crap mobile signal at work so I couldn’t make out the numbers).

I’ve tested it & I was surprised to see that Desperate Shroud does give you armour when you start off with full hp if you also have the Deadlock node. With 5 points in Leper’s Skin & 417 ward at the time of casting, I was getting an additional 25 armour (going from 629 armour with just Desperate Shroud to 654 with both Depserate Shroud & Leper’s Skin) when I should have been getting an additional (417 / 100 * 25) = 104 (ish) due to Leper’s Skin, so it’s certainly not working properly. If I only had 1 point in it I got an additional 5 armour when it should have been an additional 20ish (417 / 100 * 5).