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Death Seal node Deadlock - delay between lowering health and capping it

There seems to be some delay between the moment the node lowers your health to 33% and the moment death seal caps your health at its current value. This can lead to the node being useless if you heal very often, locking your health above 33% so you don’t get low health bonuses.
I noticed this when I had the Absence of Life node from Aura of Decay tick in that gap, making it very obvious (being locked at 80%+ health despite Deadlock).
It is also possible to get hit in that gap, capping your health far below 33% even when casting Death Seal at full life.


Í too would love this to be looked at. If you have a lot of leech (Im using Drain Life for example) it locks your life at 33% (433/1311) out of combat, and a little higher (440-470/1311) when leeching. This is neither very intuitive nor makes it building the right amount of endurance threshhold easy since the hp value you’re locked at varies.

Thanks for the report!