Death Seal Nerf 0.7.9

Death Seal useless now. Was killing waves of creeps at wave 250 yesterday and now it takes like 30 seconds to kill a single rare mob on wave 10. Yikes. I guess the Devs decided they didn’t want this skill to be viable anymore.

Are you aware of the difference between death seal and ANY other builds before the patch? Don’t judge so early. For me Death Seal feels alot more in line with other skills now. It is still an incredible strong skill.

Not sure about your example, i don’t play arena at all, but for one of my Lich builds i still running through MoF relatively easily.

From what I have heard on the forums a build isn’t decent unless it is clearing 200+ waves. Maybe this most recent patch nerfed everything back to around wave 100 or less? It is too early to say, but with the nerf to death seal damage and dodge I don’t see the skill as being viable for any serious end game.

I haven’t tested Death Seal yet, but these changes to Arena are likely to be pretty significant. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how far people go in Arena this patch.

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