Death of a thousand cuts - Squirrel Beastmaster!

Kill things with Squirrels. Lots of Squirrels.

**Video - Lagon (Normal) **

Build Planner

Skill Breakdown

  • Summon Wolf - the main skill for our squirrels. Max attack speed, +1 Wolf & then toss on the Bleed nodes.
  • Leap Slam - movement skill, procs Upheaval, but most importantly, makes Squirrels FLY.
  • Upheaval - Bleed, Slow, Armor Shred
  • Maelstrom - Chill, flat damage for Squirrels (see Boots below)
  • Eterra’s Blessing - Healing, Attack Speed + Damage

Required Uniques:

Strong Uniques:

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Normal Lvl 80 Mono Gameplay (or “How Squirrels can Fly”)

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