Death Knights not replacing the third Mage

Hi there,
I just specialised my Skeleton Mages to be Death Knights which SHOULD block Mages from being summoned as “Mages”. But no matter how often i re-cast the Summon Mage skill, i always re-summon one of two Death Knights while 1 Mage persists.
I picked the Death knight node while i had 3 Mages out already, this might have to do with it.
Tree: Screenshot by Lightshot
Buff-Bar showing the distribution: Screenshot by Lightshot

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed report, I’ve reproduced the issue and noted it internally.

I guess you have noticed but let me point out this mechanic can also be abused to keep a Skeleton Archmage/ Arch Deathknight/etc out after speccing out of it and recasting 2-5 normal-size Skeleton mages/deathknights/etc. Giving you basically double the intended amount of Mages

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