Death Knights casting Death Blossom

Hello there, (general kenobi),

after many tries and checking different skills on different classes I am pretty sure that the “Death Blossom” node on the Skeletal mage tree is intended to work with the Skill tree.

However its not working. It isn’t even working without the Skill tree. Hungering Souls text says its a skill sending 5 Souls out. Death Blossom tells Mages use Hungering Souls +4 Projectiles. That makes (without skill tree) 9 Souls per cast.
Every Mage only gets 5 Souls out, not to mention without the Skilltree leveling.

I can understand if you say, minion casts arent affected. But then please name it otherwise (like with the Abomination) or at least give me 9 Souls.

ok, just found now (after I searched the whole day yesterday) Minion casts are NOT intended to scale with Players skills. but then still, plz 9 Souls and rename it, like you told 3 years ago.