Dear EHG, Runemaster Is The Best Minion Mastery You've Created Yet

I felt the need to congratulate on your excellent innovations in the continual evolution of minion masteries in ARPGS’s. All the mechanics look great. Plus each and every minions mechanics are truly unique. Just look at frost wall.

You can summon it from a distance.
It has a completely unique aggro range.
Applies CC that won’t overwhelm a monster if you summon too many.
Can shield Allies.
Best of all you don’t need relics to convert the damage.

That mixed with the fact that every minion runemaster summons scales with not just the weapon, but player damage. Allowing you to scale both your minions and character at the same time. You’ve truly outdone yourself. It’s a shame the forge your own golem mechanic got cut for runic invocation though.

The grass on the other travelers cape is always greener. Keep up the good work.


Also cats.


Never change mate, you’re a breath of fresh air into the forum…