Dear EHG Quit Using Predatory Tactics

As someone who was homeschooled in physcolology and 1 year of socipathology. I have gotten successful enough to afford an armchair. So I have to say that the tactics you use to prey on poor innocent souls gaming addiction is just wrong. You use every tactic in the book from seasonal updated to keep people playing your game instead of going out and living your life all for the sake of profiting off players enjoying your game. I was okay with the seasonal update cycle with selling an incomplete game. Even let the decision to work on multiplayer slide despite the obvious malicious attempt to have addicts get others addicted. However this time you’ve gone to far. After finally reaching the end of my first monolith I now know the true horrors of the game. For those who don’t know there is a gacha system in this game called blessings which give raw character power, but unlike other gacha systems you don’t get these blessings with money. No. Far More sinister than that. You pay for these blessings with your time. You can’t just use seasons and expect players to play the game for 1000’s of hours a league just to get one good blessing. This tactic is sickening and I hope you’re happy with yourself EHG.

P.S. You can make this all better by just letting us pay for our blessings.

PSS Please make a purple unicorn pet for void knight.


I had to smile so hard while reading this.

When you look at loot-driven games like this, the entire gameplayloop of the game is a big gacha system :stuck_out_tongue:

Imaging having to actually play the game for your gear and character upgrades :smiley:


Seriously?! Don’t you know how predatory it would be if they made a purple unicorn pet? You of all people should be aware of how many more thousands of hours we would all play if we had something that cute following us around. Shame on you!


Actually unicorns are herbivores. My mom said so.

Yes they are grass predators.

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Wow mind blown. Thank you for your help in the research of predatory monetization. This has to have skipped at least a couple of years of reaserch.

No problem. My wife has a PhD in Psychology so I too know how this stuff works.

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I thought you did psychology? Or was it art history?

And to think they’ve been this predatory without the input of a soulless corporate accountant?

Lawn management. It’s why I know about unicorns being grass predators.


Assuming you farm blessings with 200 corruption, you get to choose from 4.
Number of blessings is 18, I calculate a probability of NOT getting desired blessing after completing a mono as: 17/18 * 16/17 * 15/16 * 14/15 ~ 0.88
Chance to get desired blessing is 22% on average.
Then I use online probability calculator to calculate more:
About 8% of NOT getting desired blessing in 10 monos.
About 0.5% of NOT getting desired blessing in 20 monos.
That is not taking a roll into account. And while 0.5% is not much, it is 1 in 200 players, that would get upset at least. I would like, if there was more deterministm (with reroll for example or something else), just so even unluckiest person don’t grind too much. But even if you spend an hour to complete a mono, it’s no way near thousands of hours. Unless you want a perfect roll, which you should not expect in this genre of games

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You have 5 Blessing choices at 200 corruption.
4 Blessing choices comes with 50+ corruption

No timeline has that many blessings, they are all between 9 and 13 blessings

I am not good at maths or probabilities so I can’t comment on the correctness of your caluclations, but there is definitely another wrong assumption here:
Not all blessings have the same probabilities, because they are grouped into different tables.
So some blessings have way more chance to occur then others.
(Blessings all have the same weighting though)

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Ok, Hope this time it’s more correct :smiley: Assuming blessing have the same weighting
With 13 possible outcomes probability “A” to NOT get desired blessing is 12/13 * 11/12 * 10/11 * 9/10 * 8/9 = 61,5%
Probability B to get desired blessing is 100% - 61,5% = 38,5%
Probability to NOT get blessing after X monos in a row is A^X, probability C to get blessing after X monos is 1 - A^X
Number of players D, that will not get desired blessing after X monos, is 1 / (1 - C)
Probabilty E that player will need exactly X monos to get blessing is C(X) - C(X-1), where C(1) = B = 38,5%.

1 38,46% 1,63 38,46%
2 62,13% 2,64 23,67%
3 76,70% 4,29 14,57%
4 85,66% 6,97 8,96%
5 91,17% 11,33 5,52%
6 94,57% 18,41 3,39%
7 96,66% 29,92 2,09%
8 97,94% 48,62 1,29%
9 98,73% 79,01 0,79%
10 99,22% 128,39 0,49%
11 99,52% 208,63 0,30%
12 99,71% 339,03 0,18%
13 99,82% 550,93 0,11%
14 99,89% 895,26 0,07%
15 99,93% 1454,79 0,04%
16 99,96% 2364,03 0,03%
17 99,97% 3841,56 0,02%
18 99,98% 6242,53 0,01%
19 99,99% 10144,11 0,01%
20 99,99% 16484,18 0,00%

Average times, before players gets specific blessing, is the sum of the products of column X and E, and equals to about 2,6. Still not thousands of hours needed.

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Best Satire Post of the Week award goes to…



Also, the blessings have specific “slots” they can spawn in:

Fall of the Outcasts can’t spawn the blessings that are in slots 2 & 3 in slots 1, 4 or 5 (unless I’ve massively misunderstood how Tunk presented the data, which is entirely possible). So it’s not quite as simple as you present.

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Whoa, that’s why there is almost always one of the Increased Unique Drop Rate, Increased Experience or Increased Gold Drop Rate when completing Fall of the Outcasts. So there are weights, just in a weird way

Kinda yes.

As I mentioned in my previous post they don’t have weighting just different “drop tables” that roll independantly from each other.

But within each table the weighting is the same.

WTF that’s disgusting and insidious.

How have we not recognized this? Monsters, I tell ya.



P.S. You can make this all better by just letting us pay for our blessings.

you can play diablo immortal for that mess

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Poor rich people can’t pay for “convenience” and have to play the game now. Will no one care about their time!?

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