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Dead zone

There is an awkward spot while levelling, have encountered it on several classes. Can rush to empowered level 100 monolith at low 80’s but then when fighting level 100 mobs damage is halved.
Seem pointless to re-grind lower tier monoliths if happy with the reward but then when running arena to try level up get some break points at arena lvl 88 and arena lvl 111 making it only slightly faster at levelling could put a shield on but that would half my dps and levelling would take longer too many dead ends with corruption nodes to make it seem viable to just dive deep into a lvl 90 map by comparison

All mobs get a % damage reduction based on the area level which is something like ~90% at lvl 100, but I wouldn’t expect to be seeing a 50% drop between lvl 80 & lvl 100.

Circa 50% from, 4k crits on shatter to 2.5k if running 100, at level 83+

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