Dead in 1 shot so many times , look for help to save my vk

First, sorry for my broken english. It is really hard to study to me.

There is my vk:Void Knight, Level 93 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

And in lv 100map, he is dead in 1 shot so many times. It made me so sadly.

So i decided to look for some advise here to let him live longly。

And there seems to be a bug that if u equiped the uniq 2-hand sword which drop in blacksun, u only can leech health by ele leech or fire leech, though u use phy or void warpath。

When you die you see a screen which tells you what attack and which type of damage killed you. Take a notice of it. Also you have only 41% critical avoidance so any crit might kill you. Your necrotic resistance is very low. Also you need more armor since you are a melee character (for example, your boots base is very bad with only 8 armour).

Some fast tips on the side:

  1. Cap crit avoidence or get a twohanded weapon with less damage taken from crits
  2. cap resis
  3. You use “Reckless Spin” in warpath so you should overcap ele resis by 30% or you end up in negative resists.
  4. High armor helps
  5. Your leech is divided in melee dmg leeched and void damage leeched maybe it helps to get some flat void damage here and there
  6. Not sure if this is changed and you need to doubble check your DPS tooltip but on the test client Warpath echos don’t procc the echo idols if you want to procc it that way.

On the build… well your items seem a bit all over the place and some have some pretty useless stats on them for VK. maybe it’s time to take a step back and get better items. Outside of this I’m pretty sure you’ll find a way to make it ;).

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