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Dead but able to continue

I can frequently die, get the respawn prompt, but am still able to regain health and my minions can beat whatever I was fighting. Usually I cannot move or cast, so I have to respawn.

However, when this happens in the arena, the minions can finish the waves, and I can get the option to go to the next challenge area. When I do, I am able to move and cast again. I still cannot pick anything up or gain xp. But I can’t be damaged either, although I am targeted. I finished an arena like this and was able to return to Champions Gate, where I re-spawned. After that I could play normally although I still couldn’t pick up gold. Other items were fine. It did not count that arena as complete.

I also did this and beat a Monolith challenge, picked my blessing, but it WAS counted as complete.

Link to pics and build. My items are pretty mundane.


Yeah, this has been an issue with the player dieing and the minions continuing and completing the objective for years.