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Dark Shroud of Cinders should work with Ring of Shields

As the title says, I think the “50% increased void damage per Fire Aura” from Dark Shroud of Cinders unique Body Armour should work with Ring of Shields when specced with Immolation.

With a 8 shield RoS setup you would get 400% increased damage to all void damage as long as you can upkeep the mana and shields, which would be balanced since they have their own HP and at high level content they take lots of damage. This, I think, would open up some more unique play styles for the Sentinal, Forge Guard in particular.

One skill I can think of is Shield Throw with the Blackfire Large Idol (converts 100% damage to void). Shield throw really doesn’t see much use in end-game, especially the void version since the Void Knight tree itself doesn’t help throwing skills all that much and Shield Throw’s own tree lacks percent based scaling. Obviously this is just one skill that could be helped, since the buff from Dark Shroud is to Void Damage on a whole it can work with all void skills/spells, though melee would see the most benefit.

I also think allowing this interaction will give Forge Guard a few more options since ATM it’s only really good for a minion build whereas both Paladin and Void Knight have a few viable builds they can play.

Edit: I totally read the first sentence…

Though the problem with that is that you don’t have the fire auras, your minions (the shields) do. But yes, it would be an interesting interaction if it did work like that. Though with the Shield Crafter node, you can get a good 20-30 shields in an Arena.

I think that’s one of the problem with Imolation node: it scales with stats on summoned shields. Is there an effective way make Imolation do enough damage?

Well, it is a minion skill. So you’d need minion stats to increase the damage & I think the Sentinel’s minion stats lean more towards melee minions than spell minions.

I tried using a lot of shared fire damage idols amd minion damage. It just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

Base damage for the minions.

There’s barely any options. The only item available for Forge Guard I can find in item database that adds flat spell damage for minions is Julra’s Obsession. Other items and affixes either add percentage damage or add flat melee damage for minions. I suppose I can give it a try.

Edit: Even if it works, Imolation is still bad because it must use ONE specific item to be useful.

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I havent played around with Cinders since Fire Aura proc’d off crit

If there was some reliable way to self harm then there would be a lot more interactions, probably broken. Bleeding Heart doesnt proc a hit I dont think otherwise you could autocast potentially something low cost to gain stacks repeatedly and then do huge Void Cleave or something

@Llama8 I really don’t know how to build Imolation node. The added spell damage from Julra’s Obsession simply isn’t enough. The fire aura from the shields is struggling to kill non-empowered node enemies.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s supposed to be a main damaging skill.

Even as supplemental damage, it’s bad. Perhaps you can give it a try?