Dark quiver

I imagine this has been said before, but I feel like this skill needs a little something to make it feel more fluid. It feels like it’s mean to provide somewhat similar (yet notably stronger) benefits to elemental arrow, and jade arrows. Those other two are something you just gain as a stacked buff for hitting something, while dark quiver makes you run around to gather arrows.

The running around to gather is an ok concept except for the MASSIVE area they fall in, and that you cannot pick up multiple at a time. It is hard to say for sure without a change being made, but I imagine this skill would feel a lot better for some of the skills if you could at least stack up a few uses of arrows before you let loose, instead of having to pick up one, shoot, pick up another, shoot, etc.

I really like the idea of what this skill is going for, it just kind of feels bad to use with some skills, it almost seems like it was designed specifically to be used with ballista and hail of arrows, and the rest of skill nodes were thrown in just to cover everything.


100% signed!

Yeah, I definitely agree. Currently I won’t use it. I can’t get it to work smoothly no matter how many times I’ve tried it. I’m just not a good enough player. And while I don’t think they should cater to us lowest common denominators I do feel that with a little bit of effort it should at least ‘work’ for the average player. “Excel”? Well that can be for the elite players obviously who can push it to it’s limit so I’m not advocating for a mindless skill, just one that I can at least get to work in it’s basic function.

Maybe close nodes (close meaning near the starting center node on the tree) that allow for large target vacuums of an arrow (At nearly 60 my hand eye coordination is NEVER going to get better at the precision on those little bastards) at maybe a loss of 25% max damage on the arrow (down from 100). And I think it should be a couple of different ways to do this. Maybe also a similar effect on some mid-tier relics.

TL:DR: Agreed.

Agreed, I think a somewhat decent change would be for the skill to have a little bit of a windup however you get a signal of roughly where the arrows are going to fall (i.e. as soon as you cast the skill, circles appear on the terrain telling you where the arrows will fall). This means you can preemptively go to a position where the arrow will fall (out of which you have a choice of many) which I feel like is a better mechanic than what we have now.

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