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Dark Quiver Ballista Marksman Last Build Of 0.8d


Build Overview

  • Good Damage
  • Fast Boss Kills
  • Dont Have to aim
  • Very Fast Speed Runner
  • Requires Alot of Uniques

Dammitt’s Builder Link

Below is a link to @Dammitt new website for builds. This Website is extremely easy to use and now lets you guys actively see my gear, the exact tiers and rolls, blessings and there rolls, and idols all in one spot. You can also edit any of it to make it better. Enjoy and make sure to give dammit a well deserved “Nice work” Pat on the back.

Dark Quiver Ballista Marksman Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted February 18th 2021. Viable for 0.8d




Dark Quiver
Acid Flask
Smoke Bomb

I presume you spammed your ballistae for a while then sucked up all the health potions for stupid ward?

It’s just a measly 6 million ward…

I do wonder how long he was spamming his Ballistae to get enough potions to get that much ward though. That shows commitment (to the cause of click-bait-y thumbnails) if nothing else.

From what I remember on discord…it probably took a while. It is very good clickbait, if I didn’t see that image and clip of the insane number of potions that would crash my potato I would probably try this for fun.

Credit to Boardman though for coming up with something so unique!

Yes its why I dont talk about it in video and say 3-5k ward is all you will get.

I left ballista on auto cast for my 14 hour shift and my computer crashed just a few seconds after that nice juicy 6.1 million ward :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: 14 hours! :smile:

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This build still work in patch 8.1?

Im still digging through the oatch notes but so far yes it still.looks good. Most likely will have even more survivabilty woth capped endurance

Yes, though endurance doesn’t protect ward.

that is terrible news.

It’s not meant for ward-based characters.

any updated gear recommendations after the affix changes?

Ill have to give it a lookover here in a bit :slight_smile:

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