Dancing strikes unusable in MP

Looking over offline or previous builds of the game, dancing strikes seemed to work fluidly, and it also does as intended when using shift. But using dancing strikes on it’s own causes nothing to happen at all and just freezes your character in place.

I was told previously that this is a well known bug, but as it is literally a game breaking bug, why is it still an issue? I saw no posts about this and spending 5 seconds in a combat area and trying to use the skill shows the issue clearly.

This seems to potentially only be a multiplayer or 0.9 bug.

No log file or video, as it’s literally impossible to not replicate in multiplayer.

Intended outcome: Dancing strikes will strike in a circle around you / shadow twice.
Actual outcome: Dancing strikes does not go on cooldown, nor does it do anything, and all it does is freeze the character in an animation with no damage, unable to be cancelled and prone for free damage.

Sorry for your frustration. Are you attempting to use Dancing Strikes while dual wielding?

Did some more testing, and I do apologize for not testing and reading better.

But it works with any dual equip, it just doesn’t lock the skill if you aren’t dual wielding (void cleave I believe becomes blocked if you don’t have a 2h equipped?). Would be a good addition to the skill.
And rogue’s “shift” not being delayed before use as well, if it isn’t a known issue.

Again, apologize, the loadout was X+Shield, which made the skill execute as mentioned above.

Thank you for your report and getting back to me. I’m glad it works with dual wielding correctly. I was worried our patch to address the mobility problems with Dancing Strikes had adverse effects.

Currently it’s a very common reported problem that weapon requirement skills are not working, this is because we don’t have a way to stop a player from using those abilities in a multiplayer environment. This easily leads many players to assume it’s broken. I brought up internally and I am hoping we can address this problem soon.

We are still looking into Shift, it’s a known issue internally.

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