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Dancing Strike's rhythm and Shuriken's blade armor interactions

Hi devs,

This is a skills interaction bug report on the Bladedancer.

I am running Dancing Strikes with Rhythm passive, and Shurikens with the Blade Shield and Ethereal Blades passives. The Blade Armor is being activated with Shift’s Sleight of Hand passive and/or Dancing Strikes Windmill Ballet passive.

The bug occurs when blade armor is active and trying to stack the rhythm passive. Sometimes the stacks or hits are not being registered, meaning the rhythm’s stacks are being dropped even if I am hitting a target. It is as if the multiple and rapid instances of damage from blade armor is preventing the stacks from registering correctly.

I tested this on a training dummy to make sure it was not caused by the enemies dodge chance, although it seems more frequent when hitting large swarms of small enemies. Dancing Strikes also has a sound effect when hits connect to the enemy, so I am confident this wasn’t just me missing the target.

I would post my entire build, but I can’t seem to find a way to attach pictures to this post. I will update once I do.

** Edit 1 **
Video example on a dummy:

Video example on mobs:


The best showcase of the bug is probably on the mobs video. At the 3rd second of the video, my character is moving south with 2 stacks of rhythm and blade shield is up. I hit mobs 3 times with dancing strikes, but none of those 3 strikes added a rhythm stack. There is audio confirmation that dancing strike hits are connecting, and there is no dodge chance on those mobs. This bug is only happening when blade shield is up.
** End Edit 1 **


You can upload your build to Last Epoch Build Planner

I wouldn’t have expected hits from Shurikens proc’d from Dancing Strikes should count as hits for Rhythm.

Thanks for the link. Here is the build:

I don’t expect blade armor to add stacks to rhythm on hit either. What is happening is when blade armor is up, hits with dancing strikes don’t always add stacks to rhythm. So they drop.

I am only suspecting that the multiple instances of damage from blade armor is messing with the hit registration of rhythm, but that’s a wild guess. That’s for the devs to find out.

Added video proof in the description.