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Dancing Strikes question

I have the talent Contaminate ( All bleed Chance are converted to Poison Chance) so does that mean the Passive talent from Rogue, Disembowel ( every 3rd attack inflicts a bleed) work? I am assuming that doesn’t change to Poison. But does Lacerating Arena (50% bleed chance per point while in the Arena) change to poison? Any passive talent in BladeDancer that gives Bleed CHance should change to poison when I am using Dancing Strikes. Or an I looking at this wrong.

since the wording on Contaminate is a little different than similar nodes in other trees (it doesn’t specify “from all sources”) i’m not 100% sure, but i believe it is intended to work the same way.

that means everything that gives dancing strike bleed chance, including things like “chance to inflict bleed on hit” on weapons or idols, is converted to poison chance. that would also include Disembowel and Lacerating Aura both.

But it says “All bleed chance is converted to poison chance.”

I will say I seems like it’s working. I am getting 100k poison ticks with out any poison damage increase.