Dancing strike vs shadow dagger

which build is better in higher corruption?

Shadow dagger for the win.

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this is not even a contest. and Im not meant to be rude :wink:
but shadow dagger is millions away ahead. And some people will tell you they can make a dancing strike build to work but overall its much more difficult to build and play round.

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Dancing Strikes requires a lot of execution since you’re constantly moving around, and you’re melee so it’s naturally more dangerous so you really need to be on the ball about dodging and keeping all your safety buffs up to help with mitigation.

You can avoid like all those negatives by just playing Bladestorm Shadow Dagger Umbral Blades, or just any form of Shadow Daggers you prefer…hell I’d even rather do melee Puncture Shadow Daggers over Dancing Strikes.

Dancing Strikes is probably my favorite Rogue ability but sadly it just has been power crept so hard by Umbral Blades and other options that it’s not really worth using in it’s current state. I hope they give it a rework and some love to make it more appealing because I love the idea of being a Rogue dancing around in big packs and then making them pop!

I don’t think it’s ever been competitive compared to other options.

I am gonna have to agree with @Llama8 on this one… Dancing Strikes may be an interesting concept design wise but even without comparing it to other more capable builds, its never really been worth much. Its not as bad as, say Ballista but its unfortunately never been good. If you do compare it to other Rogue builds, then its really bad.

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SD dmg scaling mechanics are too powerful. And with the ability to proc it while using Shift+Shadow Cascade/Umbral Blades combo, kiting around all the enemies with higher movement speed than Dancing Strikes it is by far the most powerful mechanic for Bladedancer atm.

should i use double smoke weaver or smoke weaver/shield

Up to you and how you play.

The one is obviously gonna be more DPS/staying moving kinda focus and the other more defensive (probably forgiving) esp if you go the bastion route and not having the additional damage taken from dual wielding

You don’t think so? I felt like it had a place way back before Umbral Blades. It wasn’t amazing, but it worked even though it was a major pain in the butt to play.

End of the day the more I think about it the more you’re probably right. It was like swimming against the current when many other skills did the job better and easier.

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If you’re not doing Umbral Blades, I would use a Katana and a Smoke Weaver. If you are using UB, a well rolled rare can have lots of Crit Multi/Dex. I usually used a Rare Weapon+Smoke Weaver.

Yup, before, poison flurry was several orders of magnitude better than anything else because fluery was double dipping on attack speed and hitting a fair bit faster than it should have plus given the amount of poison chance a Rogue can get while DWing daggers (I think I got over 1,000%, without exalteds) with pre-mp poison resist shred nerf made a poison melee flurry build do stupid damage. And I think the force waves from the Shockwave node weren’t inheriting the ailment application reduction (40% less) from baseline flurry at one point so the force waves were applying 66% more ailment stacks compared to the baseline flurry. And and, even earlier, flurry didn’t have the ailment application chance reduction at all.

So comparing Dancing Strikes to variously broken versions of poison melee flurry being able to apply (literally) hundreds of stacks of poison to delete any & every boss while Dancing Strikes has a hardcapped attack speed based on the cooldown, DS would be pitifully slow at applying Shadow Daggers (though the damage would be decent once you eventually hit 4 stacks, poison melee flurry would have killed the boss already).

IMO, DS is too defensive to make a good offensive skill (though I’ve never played it, so I accept I could be wrong), you get permanent movement (so you always have the damage reduction from the Rogue base passives giving DR while moving and the Wings of Argentus chest), perma/easy Flow stacks up time (DS is coded as 4 “unique” skills used in sequence so it counts as 4 separate skills for the Flow passive allowing you to use that passive most efficiently), Rhythm & the Arena, though I have no idea if they’re actually any good compared to the rest of the Rogue skills.

I just never really got into DS, which is a pity 'cause it’s the Bladedancer mastery skill and the concept of it is good.

@KissingAiur loved it when it came out though.