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Dancing Shadow Daggers - Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Krol here! I’m dropping off my own little labor of love build based around Dancing Strikes and Shadow Daggers.

If you’re like me and love Dancing Strikes and enjoy some free crits courtesy of Shadow Daggers I encourage you to give this a shot!

The gameplay is fairly straightforward since nearly every single ability or action you perform will, in some way, proc Shadow Daggers. Shifting, Smoke Bomb, Dancing Strikes, and Cascade (should you feel like hard casting) all build upon it.

I’ve personally run this build Deathless into early Monos twice before without a single issue and theorycrafted with a couple of other DS lovers to get the build to where it is now.

Floater points for Dancing Strikes: 4 points in Graceful Arena and 3 points Close Combat should you find the way these two adjust DS playstyle to not be a good fit for you.

Floater points for Shift: 3 points in Consumed by Shadow. The build itself has no innate Execute ability and I thought this would round it off nicely. Feel free to place these anywhere you prefer.

Floater points for Shadow Cascade: Cascade has been a tough one to place excess points in mainly due to how easily it’s most powerful nodes for this build are picked up. I chose 1 point in Rapid Expanse and 3 points in Leveraged Momentum to synergize with Dancing Strikes so that both Cascade and DS scale with Attack Speed.

Floater points for Smoke Bomb: 1 point in Blood Bandit. This build does not want for Life Leech in any way, but this early node helps keep us healthy throughout the leveling process until we get keep into the BD tree where we get the Leech nodes. Feel free to place it somewhere else should you find it wasted.

Floater points for Decoy: 4 points in Boom. 2 points in Sonic Detonation. 2 points in Ear Shatter. I chose these nodes to help push our DS damage up, as well as, Shadow Dagger crits since it is physical damage as well. If you find yourself wanting more CC, Damage Reflect, or Dodge feel free to adjust them as needed.

There you have it! Should you try this build, I hope you have as much fun as I have playing, testing, and collaborating with other Dancing Strike lovers on the forums. If you have any questions, suggestions, or know of any interactions I might have missed please let me know. I’m always happy to theorycraft and learn! See you in chat!

Shout out to traifin, llama8, and beelbebub868 for the theorycrafting help!

You only have skills and no gear in the builder. Is this intended?

How far did you take this build? Corruption? Arena?

Some gameplay would have been nice but I could give it a go either way if there was at least gear in the planner. You can import your character directly, no need to craft in planner.