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Damned Necrotic Melee Minions Build 0.8.3B

Item drop is based on your character level not the area level. You can obtain the eulogy of blood at level 83

Exalteds however are based on area level. Tier 6 drops in Level 55+ areas and Tier 7 Drops in level 90+ areas

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Groovy. Thanks for educating me. As I still need the boots from there, guess I’ll farm up the 400 stability a few more times and move on to level 75 timeline to level up some more then come back.

Looking for help to install the loot filter from pastebin, never used that site before & it keeps D/L to notepad, which the game doesnt see & wont import from. Not very techy lol sorry.

Also, I noticed in your gameplay vid u have transplant on your bar but didnt really see you using it at all, am I missing something sir? Enjoying the build alot, just hit 55

If you’ve downloaded to note pad select all copy it and then the pastebin option in manage filters will work

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Another item for Necro that was filtered out by the filter.
If this is intended, can you explain me why? thanks!

it shouldnt be could be a duplication rule hit all uniques as base types instead of all classes as it should