Damaging Aura build?


I kinda like passive damage build (yep, i am a f*ing lazy dude).
I was wondering if there is any spell that acts as a damaging aura (or like Righteous Fire in POE).

I saw Ravaging Stance in sentinel skill list, but there is no skill tree (yet ?). Other than this skill, is there anything close to what i am looking for ?


There are 4 thing that come to my mind. But they are all pretty different and depending on your build no the only source of damage.

Things are: Aura Of Decay (Acolyte/Lich), Death Seal Also Acolyte/Lich, with Death Wave occuring frequently specced), Maelstrom (Primalist/Shaman) and Fire Aura (Mage, best supported by Spellblade)

Some details about those things:

Aura Of Decay: Stacks poison on enemies inside it very quickly, but also poisons yourself, but you take decreased damage from poison while it’s active. Needs some ivnestment to make it work smoothly, since it damages you. So you need alot of sustain(there is selfhealing insdies AoD’s skill tree, which is highly recommended if you don’t have much other ways of sustaining early.

Death Seal: Baseline the skill only releases one wave of death at the end. But you can spec into Waves Of Death spawning frequently whiel the skill is active. This does not have 100% uptime, since the skill has 5 sec cooldown and a limited duration(5-8 seconds, depending on how you spec if i remember correctly)

Aura Of Decay and Death Seal can be combined if you want

Maelstrom: By default it’s a cast with a small casting animation, but you can stack it, it has no cooldown and gives you an ever increasingly area of cold damage around you. There are ways to give you stacks via other means (On Kill via Skill Tree, Idols can cast it every x seconds and Passive Tree chance when hit). This is a very active playstyle since you need to keep the stacks up and running. There is also a node which makes it instant cast, but gives it a cooldown, which makes it play more fluid, but you are very reliant on all the other sources to get high stacks

Fira Aura: It’s not an active skill actually, but a buff that stacks, At one stack an aura aroudn you appears that deals fire damage by default. The more stacks you have the more dmg it does. There are Ways to alter the base dmg and abse stast via passive tree or active skill trees of other skills. Spellblade Mastery has a whole Passive Tree Section revolving around this. Making it viable as Fire, Lightning or Cold.

Except Aura Of Decay, all of those are more or less active playstyles and not so much “passive”.

Also Hammer Throw can be played as Orbitting skill, which makes it spiral around you and following you if specced into these nodes.

So it’s acts as passively dealign damage around you for a certain amount of time. (Can also be combined with giving the hammer a damaging void aura)

Alright, Aura of Decay seems interesting. Is there a way with good gear and proper skill/mastery to sustain it indefinitely ?

I tried Maelstrom, but damage is lacking, (to be honest i haven’t try to max it out) but it seems like devs designed this skill to be played along with other damaging skills.

Hammer Throw looks also enjoyable.

Thanks for informations, got two build in my target ! Gonna check informations about these.

And concerning Ravaging Stance, is devs announced anything about a skill tree coming in future ?

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Absolutely. I don’tintended to sound like it’s not sustainable. I just wanted to say you need to be cautious early on with the skill. It is 100% sustainable. You just need some investment. I jsut recommend using the Heal Every 3 Second Node early on and stack poison resistance and possible health regen(because that’s better for keeping it running between mobs. (Leech also works, but that’s not reliable between packs)

Maelstrom can definitely be you “main” skill, you will most likely take other skills on top of it too, but it can do pretty crazy sustain dps. (If you spec into it and get like 10+ stacks)

We don’t know anything yet. All the stances don’t have a tree and are practially not viable endgame, except Juggernaut stance for Arena.

I hope EHG comes up with some cool gameplay altering stuff for the stances, since passive stances themselves are pretty boring.

Aura of Decay isn’t like RF.

RF burns you for 70/90% of ES or HP and then you stack HP regen/Max fire res however the more damage you do is irrelevant - your self burn damage is the same

With Aura of Decay you poison yourself XX times a second which can be increased up to 7 times a second - with 400-600% increased damage and even stacking 4 Idols of ‘reduced damage over time’ my old lvl 90 Lich with Aura of Decay on sits idle at 1-2% hp left so im basically dead simply because since the new patch I have too much damage and not able to mitigate it

Basically RF in PoE is relaxing skill/playstyle. AoD is basically playing PoE with 30% fire res and a Headhunter; and the only way to sustain is to leech…which means Dotting up a group and just running through - theres no time to loot or your Reaper form will drop/kill yourself with self damage

If you build around relying on reaper form the playstyle can feel pretty stressful.

There is nothing forcing you to play with reaper form though. It makes the playstyle alot quicker and you can play more aggressively, but it’s not mandatory.

It’s all about finding the right balance between damage and sustain.
If you have a well balanced build that can easily sustain AoD palystyle is relaxing and boring af too… if you want that playstyle. It just takes some work(like RF in PoE does)


I try an aura build too, but with fire aura. Surprisely, it works quite fine! And I go mage and not spellblade.
I first invest in fire aura on the lower spellblade to get fire aura, but mage master is better for aura build as you don’t use melee damage, but spell damage.

Skills are flame ward for protection, huge damage boost.
ligthening blast for aegis and spark (other auto cast spell)
static to auto cast lightening blast.

That’s the basic.
Really fun to play.

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