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I have a dumb question but i need help. so lets say in a skill tree there is a node that converts the damage type from fire to poison and ignite to poison chance. if i stack fire damage, ignite chance and poison damage with chance to poison chance will it all just do more poison damage?
im currently trying my hardest to make my own poison build with a warlock

I believe that is true, for that one skill only of course.
A lot of times I will take off a piece of gear, check my stats, then put it back on to see what effects it has. You could try this with different fire and ignite pieces

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thanks ill try that

Damage conversion does not double dip in this game. It says this in the tooltip of every skill and item that converts damage. Increases to fire damage will do nothing. The ignite chance may or may not fully convert to poison chance, depending on the source of the ignite chance and its specifics, and the specifics of the skill node.

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Look at “Flameable Toxins” in the “Cinder Strike” skill for example. This node transfers poison chance from all sources into ignite chance for the skill. There are some of those nodes arround in other classes as well. Just read the tooltips and take your time.

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It may differ depending on tooltip, but the following things will convert/scale:

  • Fire Damage within the skill tree (both flat and increased)
  • Ignite chance from all sources
  • Global poison damage

Things that won’t scale:

  • Fire damage from gear
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No, fire damage will have no effect since you’re not doing fire damage, you’re doing poison. In LE conversion happens first, then damage modifiers are applied.


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