Damage reflected?

Can anyone help me with how damage reflection works in this game? For example, if you have 10% damage reflected and you get hit for 100, does this mean that (1) you suffer 100 and the attacker 10, or (2) does it mean that you suffer 90 and the attacker 10?

In theory:

If you take 100 dmg after dmg reductions and have 10% damage reflect you reflect 10 dmg and the dmg reductions of the enemy should kick in and reduce the damage even more. This is how everything in the game works and I haven’t seen an exeption to it so far.

I’ve never seen a warrior using dmg reflected… Is it undervalued? Has anyone tested it?
personally i believe that dmg reflected is even more useless than regeneration. Never used it though. Any1 can tell?

Reflect is really weak now, need to buff.

Even if you get rid of all your resis and only stack maxlife dmg reflect is a pretty big joke. Looks like this is at the beginning of it’s implementation.

Yea it looks like they will either have to increase the percent reflected to 500-5000% or dramatically increase player Health gained and damage taken .

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