Damage reduction calc?

Posting in general because I can’t find the answer anywhere . . . just wondering what the actual dmg reduction calc is in .7.10, specifically the interaction between resists and then block effectiveness, armour, dmg red on block, and dmg reduction (general aka Arcane Shielding in Spellblade).

What does the damage look like if we have 75% resists, 20% armour reduction, 50% block chance, 50% block effectiveness, 10% dmg reduction on block, and 16% dmg reduction in general? Very different answers depending on added vs. multiplicative and order of operations…

Would appreciate any help as I min/max defensive setup.


As far as i am concerned, all damage reduction/damage mitigations are multiplicative, so the order of application does not matter.

The only thing that needs to “roll” first, are things like Dodge, then Block Chance if your dodge roll failed.

After that all damage reductions goes of the base value of the incoming hit. There mit be some exceptions, but not any i can think of right now.

Maybe @Llama8 or @FoE can help? They are big on numbers and calculations.

Dodge rolls first, armour is last & everything else happens in-between (the order doesn’t matter as they are separate calculations that don’t affect each other). All the separate sources of damage reduction like Arcane Shielding & reduced damage taken on block are multiplicative with each other (not additive, so it’s impossible to hit 100% reduced damage taken).


Block is its separate DR and not multiplicative with other stuff acts as old GB did

The average damage you would take = damage dealt x (1 - (50% block chance x 50% damage reduction from block effectiveness)) x (1 - 75% resists) x (1 - (50% block chance x 16% damage reduction on block)) x (1 - 16% damage reduction) x (1 - 20% armour).

Though the armour term gets a 25% increase on any damage that reduces your hp below the threshold (& this is why it needs to go last, though if you’re ok recalculating everything it doesn’t really matter, it’s just less work to do it last).

Yeah, that’s what multiplicative means. If you’ve only got block & resists as your forms of damage mitigation & you’re capped on both (because simpler), then the damage reduction is damage dealt x (1 - 75%) x (1 - 65%).

It’s late/early, I’m tired, that wasn’t meant to come across quite so grumpy…

Much appreciated!

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