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Damage problems

Guys, I’m spinning on a warpath, and so far the damage is 13 thousand, but when I hit the training dummy it gives 4 - 3 thousand, why is there such a spread in damage?

Do you meant the DPS on the skill tooltip?

DPS = damage per second. It’s not damage per hit. You propably hit the dummy roughly twice as fast and have to accumulate the hits on the dummy to a “per second” basis.

hmm, you may be right, but it hurts a little that your damage is not real)

but shouldn’t real damage pop up at least sometimes?)
because at 14 ka, when I hit the mobs, it pops up there and 1 ka each, when in theory they should be cast from 1 hit)

I think there’s two different things potentially confusing you. First is the difference between hit damage & dps as Raw said, the other is the difference between tooltip dps/hit damage on the dummy & hit damage on mobs. Mobs have % damage reduction (not resists/armour) based on level while the training dummy & tooltip don’t, so you will always do less damage to mobs than your tooltip or experience on the training dummy would imply.

ok, I understand that)
but now I went for 2 of my character, there is also a warpath, but there the damage in the prompt is 19 thousand, and when I hit the dummy, 18 - 16 thousand damage actually pop up on it, despite the fact that the chance of crit is less than on the new hero, I’m here I can’t understand this connection)
why does it show everything there, but suddenly not here)