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Damage over time types?

Damage over time types or debuffs?

I know there is lightning, cold, fire, etc. damage. I imagine ignite would be the chance to burn an enemy over time but what about shock and chill? My instinct would be that shock would paralyze, making them either unable to cast or move, maybe they are rooted or maybe they deal aoe damage to nearby enemies. My assumption for chill would be just that it slows the enemy. Is it just this simple or are there other mechanics such as if they are ignited they take increased damage from fire spells or if they are shocked they have a higher chance to be crit?

Shock reduces Stun Avoidance and Elemental Protection.

You can expect to see such additional mechanics primarily in skill specialization trees. We’d prefer that these be something you choose to opt into, as that;

  • increases the quantity and scope of build options available.
  • makes them more intuitive (they never ‘just happen’).
  • makes such status effects more reasonable from a balance standpoint.

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