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Damage optimisation

Firstly, if this has been discussed in another thread and i am too dumb to find it, i then humbly apologies.

If you are doing Cold Spell damage for example does the damage calculate as (1+ sum all incr Cold) * (1 + sum all incr Spell) ?

If this is the case then, lets say you have 4 prefixes avail, would it be best to have 2 of Cold and 2 of Spell Damage if you could get +100% on each since (1+4) is less than (1+2)*(1+2). I know this isn’t always the case (ie you can’t get +100% on everything but i want to understand the principle as if that’s the case then damage optimisation becomes a reasonably complicated math problem based on gear, idols, passives, skills and blessings.

All “increases” are additive.
So they all get summed up.
It doesn’t matter how you distribute those affixes.

While I answered your question already just some information on top:
Beware that for example spell damage would not affect damage by ailments, while things like fire damage or cold damage would (for their appropriate ailment).

More and Less Modifiers are multiplicative though.

thanks @Heavy appreciate the very comprehensive reply

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