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Damage mitigation

Ive spend the last few days to gather gear to reduce the damage taken by adding endurance and % led dot damage taken etc.

now i have checked the wiki and if i get this right it says damage taken is in the first place calculated by max HP.

So the more Health ive got te less damage ill take?

If i have 2000 instead of 1000 hp the enemy will hit me les hard with same defense stats?

If that is true thats just misleading because there is absolutly no ingame hint for that.
It also makes absolutly no sense to handle it like that.

Hi! Unfortunately the wiki is out of date for this information.

In game you can press G to check out the game guide, or have a look at the Community Game Guide here on the forums for more updated information.

TL;DR - The wiki is incorrect in this instance, a lot has changed since it was published

The wiki is referring to protections which haven’t been in-game for a very long time, this is why it shouldn’t be used.