"damage" doesn't increase void damage?

So after testing, devouring blade and retaliation don’t seem to increase void damage spells? Seems a bit misleading.

Moving this to Bug Reports.

Could you please offer examples of spells which appear to be unaffected by them?

I was using abyssal echos, with dread and sorrow and steel (which apply void damage 165% total). I respecd into retaliation in sentinal a 225% increase when hit for 4s when maxed. So in theory I should be doing more damage then before, all else being the same. It did not seem to be applying (yes I was making sure to get hit). So i respecd back into sorrow and steel and my damage went up. Didn’t test devouring blade or any other passives.

We’ve determined that Retaliation is granting the wrong stat; this will be fixed in the next patch. We still need to take a look at Devouring Blade, but I’ll raise that again internally.

Just to clarify - while these temporary damage effects should affect Damage over Time effects applied while they’re active, they won’t retroactively applied to existing DoTs.

Closing this thread as it’s been a while.