Damage Conversion and Spell/Skill Damage Tag


I was wondering whether the damage conversion that often happens from inside the skill tree (Fire Skull for Hungering Souls, for example) changes the Tag associated with the damage done by the spell? In the case of Fire Skull, would the Necrotic Tag associated with Hungering Souls change to the Fire Tag?

In the case of it being modified by an item, such as Soulfire, would it change the Damage Tag on the spell as well?

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Damage conversion does, whether it’s from a skill node, item or passive (eg, the Void Knight passive that converts Smite to Void), a few other nodes change/add tags as well.

does this also apply with + x tagg skill bonuses?
It might be old, but i irc not getting + levels from some + lvl of x tagg some times when i converted a skill

The converted tags are what’s used for +skills bonuses.

nice to know, my previous testing was a while go so it’s nice that they folow conversion, would make builds more interesting with interactive mechanics on stats

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