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Damage Calculation - Hammer Throw

Is the tool tip in the game accurate in dictating which weapon is the best for Hammer Throw?

I have 3 Axes all the same base of Warrior’s Raider Axe

Axe 1 (48 dmg 2% crit) - highest dps by 200
Stats: 31% phy dmg
25% inc poison dmg
34% chance to bleed on hit
41% chance to apply Frailty

Axe 2 (48 dmg 3% crit)-
Stats: 62% phy dmg
35% inc crit strike chance

Axe 3 (48 dmg 3% crit)
Stats: 77% phy dmg
15% fire dmg
44% chance to apply Frailty

It makes 0 sense that the order of the axes would follow that!!! Please help me understand how these damage calculations occur! Thank you.

The tooltip is adding the bleed chance from the first axe since hammers can proc ailments. #3 is probably the best hit-damage one of the 3.

So the 3rd one is actually lower damage than the 2nd one. I’m trying to find a spreadsheet or is the tooltip dps really a true estimate of BiS?

Ah, I didn’t notice the crit chance on the second one.

The tooltip dps is a reasonable estimate of dps but as I said, it does include the DoT chance which would be less useful if you’re going for a hit build. Its mais purpose is to give you an idea of which items are better. But it doesn’t include the damage reduction per area level that mobs get, so it’s an estimate of your outgoing dps, not the damage the mobs will take.